Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Neon tennis shoes inspired by the Jil Sander neon oxford + OOTD wearing them

Hello Everyone,
Today's DIY will be a very simple and inexpensive one, like a lot of people I fell in love with the neon Oxford shoes by Jil Sander ( you can find some similar style at Aldo or h&m) but I wanted something that I could wear to the beach or to go shopping, something comfy! So I made my own version....Hope you like it :)

Subtle changes, big difference !
Here is what you need:
1- a pair of tennis shoes
2- neon spray paint I got it in yellow but Pink would have looked so cute too
3- scotch tape (any kind)
4- plastic bag

Remove laces from shoes.
Cut the bag in a square shape and tape it all around the tennis shoe to protect the top part from paint.

protect the area you are going to work on. I simply used an old magazine...

now start painting until sole is completely covered (several light coats, will be better than a thick one)

and don't forget the laces...

let it dry, then remove tape and plastic bag and Voilà! you're done.

Dexter and I...

Outfit of the day wearing my new DIY tennis shoes

top (?)- Charlotte Russe bandeau - Levi's shorts (Cut 501) - ZARA purse - DIY forever21 tennis shoes - CVS ($5) watch

I used to love V cut tops, now I love to wear them backward just like this sweater....

Hope you guys liked this :)


  1. Love them.
    Definitly cheeper than all these originals :)

  2. Great little tip!

    You look great as always, babe! :)

  3. I love all of your DIY's, you are so creative!! can't wait to try this one! And you look as beautiful as always :)

  4. These look incredible!! So creative and sophisticated! I'm in love!

  5. Sexy back and SEXY TAN! WOO WOO! .. <3 xxx

  6. Love the idea. You always have great DIY. Nice tan. :)

  7. love this, you look so hawt! x

  8. I love your outfit! You are beautiful. :)

  9. GOod Job ma belle, c'est une bonne idéé :)

  10. Simple but really cute. Great job!

  11. - That's crazy how much of a difference that made. This is now on my to do list :)

  12. Love this, the color and transformation are unbelievable !!!!!!

  13. very cool!

  14. Your DIYs are always so fun and creative!

  15. Great idea! You can do TONS of DIYs using Spray Paint. Thanks for this post!

  16. Love it!! :)

  17. Neon and Glitter DIYS are so addictive it's actually kind of insane! My friends had an intervention with me to stop spray painting everything neon and glittering any bootie or shoe I can find. I spared my hair though! Shoes look great!

  18. WOW i will definitely be trying this :) Thanks for posting Chloe x

  19. Love those shoes!! Your great
    /Micaela my beautyblog,